Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time is Flying By!

August is almost over and it's been a great adventure. We have been here in Washington DC for three days now and feel like it's been at least twice that long. Our apartment is nice and we are very comfortable. We work about 7 hours in the temple each day. We are training so that we can function in any spot. There are 25 people leaving in the next two months, and so far no replacements. We are really busy at the temple. If it weren't for the missionaries, the Temple wouldn't be able to function very well. Especially the men are needed and Norm gets called to hurry from one spot to another all day long. He just finishes one assignment and they are calling for him to go to another spot to assist. We feel so blessed to be able to serve in the Lord's House. The DC Temple is very large, and very beautiful. Today, Joan worked in the Youth Center for three hours. Children are cared for and prepared to be taken up to their parents at the right time for a sealing. It is a really special part of the temple work we see happening all day long. We will be working in the Temple on Monday which is Labor Day. They tell us that it will be really busy. The last session will start at 1pm. Joan has been asked to be a chorister for the preparation meeting (held at the beginning of each shift) each Friday. They must have heard about Craig's musical talents and thought maybe some rubbed off on Joan.
Today we went on a walk down the Rock Creek Trail and it led us right up to the temple. Then we went to a fun farmer's market and got some fruit and vegetables, and a bottle of strawberry-rhubarb jam! Our neighborhood is near the center of Kensington, Maryland with lots of cute shops, old fashioned street lights, benches, and the MT Bank (Empty???). A brand new Safeway store is within walking distance. Penney's and Target are close by.
Our new neighbors in the Brookside Apartment Building are so friendly and nice. We are getting together for a Labor Day picnic at 5pm on Monday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Though we haven't been to the Washington, D.C. Temple yet, we can imagine ourselves there!

The Every Day Club

Here is your special invitation to join the Every Day Club! While we are away on our mission, we want to read our scriptures every day and we want you to join our club. You may read what you can each day. Reading from the Ensign, New Era and Friend count, as well. We feel that by reading every day, our whole family will be blessed. To join, just click on "comments" and add your name to the blog. Every one can join even the smallest members, as long as someone will read to them! We'll come up with some kind of a tracker on our blogspot to help us build excitement for the Every Day Club!

We want to be missionaries.....

Wow - life is exciting! Thirteen days left before we enter the MTC. We are doing the final packing so that everything will be ready to go before August 11. We were told that there is no family meeting for Senior Missionaries, and they discourage family from coming to the MTC. We finish our training on Thursday, August 21 at 4pm. Friday the 22nd will be a chance to do laundry, haircuts and say our goodbyes for 12 months. Saturday morning, we'll hit the road. We are so excited to spend Saturday night with Russ, Sharla and McKai in their new home in Highlands Ranch, near Denver as we journey to Washington, DC.
Thanks for your love and support!